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I slowly come out of my dream to hear my alarm blasting this very smooth guitar rift, sounding like fingers scratching against a chalkboard. I am so startled by this alarm that I leap out of bed to turn it off. Now that I am standing in front of my desk, just staring at my phone, I decide that I should make some coffee and take a shower. Everyday in my life is different. Maybe not to my planner, but to myself. I encounter so many interactions with different people at all times of the day. This allows me to realize how unique I am, coming from the other side of the United States.  

During senior year in High School, I was starting to get the feeling of repetition, which was recognized by the movie Fight Club. I would get the feeling that I do the same thing everyday and that there is not enough time to allow me to be myself. Coming from a small private boarding school in the middle of no where, New Hampshire, I’m sure I was not the only one. This is why I took meditation, which allowed me to relax for an hour everyday and give me that little bit of energy to push myself. I barely ever have to meditate at Boulder because of the new faces I see everyday and the amount of activities that are handed to us. My previous high school and Boulder are completely different places.

Going to a larger school is definitely a change which challenged me in classes because I am so used to around 10 people in each classroom. Now I am in classes with 250 people. This gives me less opportunity to ask questions and have one on one interactions with my teacher. But also by being in this class of 250 people, I realized that I don’t necessarily need this extra help. I just have to figure things out for myself. I am in college now and it really is a large step to take coming out of any High School. We are consistently learning about our society and ourselves to teach our minds what to do with our lives.


Going home for the holidays always brings a nice warmth to the Phippen household. Its definitely healthy for my young self to go home and catch up on my sleep, eat home cooked meals and see my family. I realized that I was extremely sleep deprived while at school. Right when I got back to my house I passed out at nine and woke up at three the next afternoon. I awakened from my slumber feeling like a whole new man. 

Thanksgiving day was a very fun filled day with lots of traveling and catching up with cousins. Its really interesting to see my cousins grow as I see them every year around the same time for Holidays, there is always a little something different about all of them every time. 

Thanksgiving was at two different houses this year. One being my cousins house in New Hampshire, which is where we ate a giant turkey and feasted on some mashed potatoes with gravy and stuffing. Also for desert my aunt made cinnamon sticks, which she is family wide famous for. They are like a taste of heaven in each bite. Me and my cousins sat down and casually sipped on some brews while we watched the Lions play the Packers. But quickly it got late in the afternoon and we had to catch another Thanksgiving for my other side of the family.

We then drove back to Massachusetts and went to my grandparents house on my Dads side. They are both in their nineties and it was almost sad to see them because they know their years are winding down. My grandfather is known to read grace before every Thanksgiving meal. But this year my cousin read it to “carry on the family tradition”. Usually my family is very loud and there was a sudden ending of conversation, which made my family completely quiet and I knew it was time to leave. Not only because of that, but also I was stuffed and tired from eating so much turkey all day. So from there we headed home, lit a fire, sat on the couch and at that moment I finally felt like I was home.

In the movie Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, Tyler is an imaginary person that the narrator creates because he is going insane from insomnia. Although there are many different perspectives on who Tyler is representing, I believe that Tyler slowly transforms into a younger version of Adolf Hitler though out the movie.

Without even knowing, Tyler starts to form Fight Club gangs around the United States by hypnotizing very mentally unstable people. The scene where one of Tyler’s gangs of people start chanting his name in the abandoned warehouse connected my thoughts to history class to when Hitler had his army chanting “heil hitler”. 

Tyler looks at the World from a completely different perspective then the average joe. In most ways he is right and very intelligent with his actions and thoughts. In the scene where Tyler burns the narrators hand, he is doing good by making the narrator feel the worse pain he has ever felt. Tyler is teaching him a valuable lesson about life. By accepting that you are going to die eventually, you must live your life to the fullest and regret nothing. There is no time to be depressed because it could always be worse, no matter what.

Tyler does not accept the normal aspect of living, which makes him rebellious towards everyone who is different from him. People should be thinking about starting a family or getting a job, but instead Tyler is looking for this next level life. At the same time, this next level life has given him a job and a family.

Hitler did not believe in how society was built and wanted to completely change how the World was put together. In the last scene where the narrator blows up all the banks, I believe that Tyler is a mirror image of Hitler. They both believe that our society must start over from the bottom and they have both gone crazy to the point where they have killed people to try and save our World. When in reality they are killing innocent people. 

These crazy thoughts about our society being corrupt is in everyone, but not talked about very much because they are deep feeling in which nobody wants to share. Hitler and Tyler both have accepted that they are going to die eventually and they must make their mark before they leave this world, even though they never step foot on the real world.Image

Fire is a flame which creates heat. This heat helps people survive and allows us to live in a simple society. But is our society really that simple? I believe that the World we live in is much more complex then it has ever been before.There are so many people in the World today that everyone’s past experiences, which characterize who they are, become so different that people’s minds are in completely different places and we have no idea. 

I have noticed that by moving from Massachusetts to Colorado, I have experienced interactions with many different people who live in a completely different environment then my hometown. It is sometime hard to communicate with another person who lives in a “different world” then yourself. 

Ross Ulbricht, a 29 year old was recently arrested for being the founder of the Silk Road (Online Black Market). But Ross Ulbricht kept this a secret for a very long time. “To his housemates, he was simply “Josh,” a quiet guy who joined them through Craigslist, kept to himself and spent full days buried in his laptop”. “Josh” lived a completely fake life and no one had any idea. This shows that Josh’s brain was on a different mind set then the people he was living with. 

The drug industry is a huge concept in our complex society. The advanced technology, which most people posses, have changed our society for the worse. And we can’t do anything about it. In many ways our Earth is dying and I believe that humans have corrupted our World into a completely different place then we are supposed to be living. 

Confusius said “The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.”


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Money has always controlled goods and objects, but recently in my life I have realized that money is starting to control people. By the amount of money that you spend, it almost categorizes yourself into a hierarchy. People tend to become friends with one another through style and how they present themselves to the general public.

In the movie Blow, the main character is hypnotized by money to the extent, where he positions himself and his family to be in danger. Money is an object and should never have the power to control a living thing. But in our society today we are able to pay for animals and pretty much anything you can think of except people. It is almost messed up to think that this green paper posses people’s life styles and almost shapes who people are.

In the article, “How the Brain Responds to the Destruction of Money” there was an experiment on twenty adults with an age range of 20-29 years old for 1 hour. In which, they were shown either money or a notecard and they would watch someone either fold or tear the money or notecard. Their brain function was recorded and this study “leads plausibility to a genuinely psychological interpretation of the explanation of money as a tool for parametrically symbolizing exchange.” Money is being interpreted as a type of exchange and everyone needs to exchange in their lives to survive. Money literally controls every single thing you do. Certain objects or actions in everybody’s lives make them feel differently. But I’m pretty sure that everyone who is at least eighteen years old have needed/wanted more money. Im not saying that money does not control my own life, but rather we should be in more control of our money. We can not let society corrupt us into being controlled by anything other then ourselves.

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Over the last four years, I have noticed that the amount of people my age have been starting to drink before the legal age. This made me think about the drinking age in other Countries and how successful they are. Why does our Country have a drinking age at all? Then I realized that if I could drink legally right now, then that would not be a good idea. The drinking age is 21 and I still don’t understand why the drinking age is not 24 or 25. It just does not make sense to me to make the drinking age, the age 3 years before your brain is fully developed. I understand that once you are 21, you are pretty much fully grown and usually ready for life on your own. But… “Alcohol use typically is initiated during adolescence, a period that coincides with critical structural and functional maturation of the brain.” (Silveri, Marisa M.) Lots of people think that once they turn 21, everything is fine for them to drink because they think that their brain is fully developed, when actually your brain is not fully developed until you are around 24-25. I think that the drinking age should change to be 24 or there should not be a drinking age at all. “Measurements Data from men and women in three age groups (18–34, 35–49, 50–65) showed the prevalence of drinkers, former drinkers, and lifetime abstainers; and the prevalence of high-frequency, high-volume, and heavy episodic drinking among current drinkers. Analyses examined gender ratios for prevalence rates and the direction of changes in prevalence rates across age groups.”(Wilsnack, Richard W.,Wilsnack, Sharon C.Kristjanson, Arlinda F.1Vogeltanz-Holm, Nancy D.,Gmel, Gerhard) This study shows that gender plays a factor and possibly the drinking age could be divided by gender.


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Change has always affected myself from the changing of schools to the changing of our environment. When I moved from Massachusetts to Boulder around four weeks ago, I noticed that there was an enormous difference in climate. I wanted to know if this change in climate would actually affect me mentally or physically. Well, by experience the altitude, it affected me the most mentally because it changed my eating patterns and gave me random headaches. This also effected my sleep patterns too because of the change in time. This led me to ponder over the fact that since we are in a devoloping environment, will we be affected by any mental or physical impact by this change? The answer is yes  said Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press, c2011, “Climate change has the potential to affect the indoor environment because conditions inside buildings are influenced by conditions outside them”. Not only will these effects change the outdoor environment, but it will also change the indoor environment drastically said  Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press, c2011, “It finds that steps taken to mitigate climate change may cause or exacerbate harmful indoor environmental conditions” People need to realize what is going on in the world today because the World is changing.