“College will be the best time of your life.” Every single adult I encountered before I went away to college told me this and it took me a long time to understand why so many adults thought that college was “the best time”.

For me, coming to University of Colorado at Boulder was a fresh start. It is a place to make new friends, to excel academically , and to be whoever you wanted to be.

At the beginning of the year, as excited as I was to be in college and for this fresh start, I was struggling being away from home. I was having a hard time branching out and making new friends and on top of that I had a roommate who was the type of roommate that reminded me of the ones in horror films. She was the complete opposite of me. She was into exorcisms and quotes about killing people, while I on the other hand liked positive life quotes and am religious. Living with her taught me that I am no longer in my sheltered hometown and Catholic school. I am in the real world where people believe a million different things, from conservative to extreme radical.

Despite situations such as my old roommate one, I realized that each obstacle I have had to overcome will only make me stronger.  CU is truly that college experience that is “the best time of your life”. Through the ups and the downs, CU has given me many opportunities. From allowing me to be a part of an amazing sorority and make lifelong friends to having excellent professors who have helped me become more aware of my surroundings and helping the environment. CU has taught me how to stand on my own from doing the little things like laundry to making sure that I am always going to class and staying on top of my studies. 

Most importantly though, being here has taught me that no matter what always stand up for what you believe in. It has taught me that the best way to make new friends is just by being yourself. Don’t let one bad roommate or situation make you second guess your choice of coming here because if it happened, it happened for a reason. College has so much to offer from life lessons to opportunities and letting one bad situation get to you isn’t worth throwing away such great opportunities.  If you make college a chance  to be the best “you” and experience new things there is no way that college won’t be “the best time of your life”.