So I guess this is my final blog post for this semester. I wish I could write something about how awesome my first semester in college was, but in all honesty it didn’t really go the way I thought it would.

I come from a high school that feeds into CU and because of that most of faculty and students consider going to CU for college is known as just going into 13th grade. This is because going to CU you will have the same friends, be in the same town, and do the same stuff that you did in high school. Hearing this I was excited to become CU buffalo  because I had a great time in high school and I didn’t want my awesome time of partying, not studying, getting good grades, and having fun to come to an end. However, that all changed after my first week of college.  

Being a freshman here we had to move in three days before the actual school days started so that gave my friends and I plenty of time to go and experience college night life on the hill. I ended up doing this every night leading up to the first school, I even went the night before my first real college class, bad idea. I thought it was going to be just like how it was in high school, where going out the night before class wouldn’t have any real repercussions. Boy was I wrong. I ushered myself into college life by running out of 8 am Geology and throwing up in a trash can outside. Now I can look upon this first day of tragedy with a bit of laughter, but when it first happened I was devastated and I knew I had to change to my ways.

I knew I had to put school as my highest priority. I stopped going out and having late nights on the hill and instead learned the the Benson Earth Science library was my new best friend. Now on the rare occasion that I do go out with friends I always make sure to be back in dorm at midnight at the latest. With these new changes to my lifestyle, I feel I have lost a fun part of me. The way I look at, in the long run, a good GPA will be better than a few nights with friends on the hill that I can’t remember.

I can’t say I had a great first semester in college, because I didn’t. However, the person that this first semester has turned me into is something I can be proud of. I have come a long way from the naive high schooler who thought CU was going to be just parties, and another few years of high school. I now see myself as a real student who cares about schoolwork and grades, not just what I am going to Friday night.