I slowly come out of my dream to hear my alarm blasting this very smooth guitar rift, sounding like fingers scratching against a chalkboard. I am so startled by this alarm that I leap out of bed to turn it off. Now that I am standing in front of my desk, just staring at my phone, I decide that I should make some coffee and take a shower. Everyday in my life is different. Maybe not to my planner, but to myself. I encounter so many interactions with different people at all times of the day. This allows me to realize how unique I am, coming from the other side of the United States.  

During senior year in High School, I was starting to get the feeling of repetition, which was recognized by the movie Fight Club. I would get the feeling that I do the same thing everyday and that there is not enough time to allow me to be myself. Coming from a small private boarding school in the middle of no where, New Hampshire, I’m sure I was not the only one. This is why I took meditation, which allowed me to relax for an hour everyday and give me that little bit of energy to push myself. I barely ever have to meditate at Boulder because of the new faces I see everyday and the amount of activities that are handed to us. My previous high school and Boulder are completely different places.

Going to a larger school is definitely a change which challenged me in classes because I am so used to around 10 people in each classroom. Now I am in classes with 250 people. This gives me less opportunity to ask questions and have one on one interactions with my teacher. But also by being in this class of 250 people, I realized that I don’t necessarily need this extra help. I just have to figure things out for myself. I am in college now and it really is a large step to take coming out of any High School. We are consistently learning about our society and ourselves to teach our minds what to do with our lives.