Going home for the holidays always brings a nice warmth to the Phippen household. Its definitely healthy for my young self to go home and catch up on my sleep, eat home cooked meals and see my family. I realized that I was extremely sleep deprived while at school. Right when I got back to my house I passed out at nine and woke up at three the next afternoon. I awakened from my slumber feeling like a whole new man. 

Thanksgiving day was a very fun filled day with lots of traveling and catching up with cousins. Its really interesting to see my cousins grow as I see them every year around the same time for Holidays, there is always a little something different about all of them every time. 

Thanksgiving was at two different houses this year. One being my cousins house in New Hampshire, which is where we ate a giant turkey and feasted on some mashed potatoes with gravy and stuffing. Also for desert my aunt made cinnamon sticks, which she is family wide famous for. They are like a taste of heaven in each bite. Me and my cousins sat down and casually sipped on some brews while we watched the Lions play the Packers. But quickly it got late in the afternoon and we had to catch another Thanksgiving for my other side of the family.

We then drove back to Massachusetts and went to my grandparents house on my Dads side. They are both in their nineties and it was almost sad to see them because they know their years are winding down. My grandfather is known to read grace before every Thanksgiving meal. But this year my cousin read it to “carry on the family tradition”. Usually my family is very loud and there was a sudden ending of conversation, which made my family completely quiet and I knew it was time to leave. Not only because of that, but also I was stuffed and tired from eating so much turkey all day. So from there we headed home, lit a fire, sat on the couch and at that moment I finally felt like I was home.