You wouldn’t believe this, but the movie Fight Club is actually about the doors in Monster’s Inc. 

In the scene where the narrator’s apartment burned down, the narrator calls his alter ego even though he doesn’t know what the effects of this could be. This resembles the doors in Monster’s Inc. The narrator was opening a new door in his life without knowing the possibilities on the other side, just like when the monsters in Monster’s Inc. open random doors without knowing what the other side holds. We know that the narrator is calling his alter ego (Tyler Durden)  because his alter ego says “…Yeah I star 69ed you, I never pick up my phone..” This shows that the narrator has never tried to be this person who he thinks is the best version of himself.  Tyler Durden, just like children on the other side of the doors in Monster’s Inc. hold an affect on the person opening the door in ways they couldn’t have expected.

Once the narrator calls Tyler his life starts to drastically change. He becomes what he sees as the best version of himself, until he realizes the person he has turned into. He doesn’t want to be the person who’s opening doors to hurting people and himself, he wants to be a good person who opens positive doors in his life. This is just like when the monsters in Monster’s Inc. realize they don’t want to scare the kids/be scared of what’s behind the door, they want to be able to make the children happy and laugh. Fight Club is ultimately about the doors in Monster’s Inc. and the affect that opening new doors in our lives has on us.