In the movie Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, Tyler is an imaginary person that the narrator creates because he is going insane from insomnia. Although there are many different perspectives on who Tyler is representing, I believe that Tyler slowly transforms into a younger version of Adolf Hitler though out the movie.

Without even knowing, Tyler starts to form Fight Club gangs around the United States by hypnotizing very mentally unstable people. The scene where one of Tyler’s gangs of people start chanting his name in the abandoned warehouse connected my thoughts to history class to when Hitler had his army chanting “heil hitler”. 

Tyler looks at the World from a completely different perspective then the average joe. In most ways he is right and very intelligent with his actions and thoughts. In the scene where Tyler burns the narrators hand, he is doing good by making the narrator feel the worse pain he has ever felt. Tyler is teaching him a valuable lesson about life. By accepting that you are going to die eventually, you must live your life to the fullest and regret nothing. There is no time to be depressed because it could always be worse, no matter what.

Tyler does not accept the normal aspect of living, which makes him rebellious towards everyone who is different from him. People should be thinking about starting a family or getting a job, but instead Tyler is looking for this next level life. At the same time, this next level life has given him a job and a family.

Hitler did not believe in how society was built and wanted to completely change how the World was put together. In the last scene where the narrator blows up all the banks, I believe that Tyler is a mirror image of Hitler. They both believe that our society must start over from the bottom and they have both gone crazy to the point where they have killed people to try and save our World. When in reality they are killing innocent people. 

These crazy thoughts about our society being corrupt is in everyone, but not talked about very much because they are deep feeling in which nobody wants to share. Hitler and Tyler both have accepted that they are going to die eventually and they must make their mark before they leave this world, even though they never step foot on the real world.Image