When watching the movie Fight Club, the normal person may see it as a story about a guy who can’t sleep and devops psychiatric disorder. However, most wouldn’t believe this, but Fight club is actually about how we have the answers to our own questions, but we cannot get to the final conclusion without the help from others.

An example of this is when a student is debating not going to a class so he asks his friends what they think. The first friends he asks tell him to go, but the one he asks and tells him to not go is the one that helps him make the decision to not go. This isn’t because he values thats friend’s opinion more than the rest, but it is due to him already having the idea in the back of his head that he doesn’t want to go to said class and that friend just brings the idea a reality.

This is shown in the scene in Fight Club when Tyler gives the narrator a chemical burn. Since the narrator doesn’t have that “friend” to help him realize such decisions and ideas he develops the fictional character,  but real to him  “Tyler.”  In the scene Tyler is talking to the narrator about the idea that God doesn’t like him and he is God’s “unwanted child.” This isn’t an idea that the narrator has never heard before because for quite some time it has been in the back of his mind, but since he thinks Tyler is real the idea is now now becoming a reality to him and helping him decide that this thought is infact the truth.