Money has always controlled goods and objects, but recently in my life I have realized that money is starting to control people. By the amount of money that you spend, it almost categorizes yourself into a hierarchy. People tend to become friends with one another through style and how they present themselves to the general public.

In the movie Blow, the main character is hypnotized by money to the extent, where he positions himself and his family to be in danger. Money is an object and should never have the power to control a living thing. But in our society today we are able to pay for animals and pretty much anything you can think of except people. It is almost messed up to think that this green paper posses people’s life styles and almost shapes who people are.

In the article, “How the Brain Responds to the Destruction of Money” there was an experiment on twenty adults with an age range of 20-29 years old for 1 hour. In which, they were shown either money or a notecard and they would watch someone either fold or tear the money or notecard. Their brain function was recorded and this study “leads plausibility to a genuinely psychological interpretation of the explanation of money as a tool for parametrically symbolizing exchange.” Money is being interpreted as a type of exchange and everyone needs to exchange in their lives to survive. Money literally controls every single thing you do. Certain objects or actions in everybody’s lives make them feel differently. But I’m pretty sure that everyone who is at least eighteen years old have needed/wanted more money. Im not saying that money does not control my own life, but rather we should be in more control of our money. We can not let society corrupt us into being controlled by anything other then ourselves.

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