In life there are many factors that make us want to try and imitate certain things. For example, someone might see an axe body wash commercial where a lonely male uses the body wash and is then shown covered in women clinging to his clothes. The viewer will then go out and buy the product subconsciously hoping for the same outcome as the commercial. Another example that is argued a lot in today’s society is that children who play violent video games are prone to act out and cause harm to others due to the influence of said video game. Connections such as these make some people wonder what it is that makes college aged students want to drink in such excessive amounts.

In a study testing the connection between alcohol advertising at sporting events and college aged drinking, authors Andrew Graham and Jean Adams watched six televised soccer games, counting the number of visual alcohol references. At the end of their study they wrote, “the six broadcasts lasted a total of 1101 min (18 h and 21 min)…with a mean of 340 and median of 257 per broadcast”(Graham, Adams). They also wrote in the conclusion of their study that the majority of the alcohol references showed,“[encouragement] [of] overconsumption or associating alcohol with social or sexual success, irresponsible behavior”(Graham, Adams).

After reading Graham and Adam’s study I started thinking more about what they saw in the majority of the alcohol related advertisements in my daily life, the “[encouragement] [of] overconsumption or associating alcohol with social or sexual success, [and] irresponsible behavior”(Graham, Adams). It didn’t hit me how often this glorification of drinking experiences appears in Hollywood movies until I was watching the movie Project X.

For those who don’t know, Project X is a movie about 3 “uncool” high schoolers who decide to throw a massive party to try and jump them up to the top of the high school social food chain. The majority of the movie is just following the three main characters around their party and showing what a good time they were having. After watching the movie, no matter what mood I was in before, I want to go out and party. This didn’t seem that odd to me until after reading Graham and Adam’s study. I realized the whole movie is just glorifying binge drinking and showing that through drinking an excessive amount there is the result of social and sexual success. Why I feel the need or want to go and party after seeing this movie is because subconsciously I draw the connection between binge drinking and social and sexual success.