Over the last four years, I have noticed that the amount of people my age have been starting to drink before the legal age. This made me think about the drinking age in other Countries and how successful they are. Why does our Country have a drinking age at all? Then I realized that if I could drink legally right now, then that would not be a good idea. The drinking age is 21 and I still don’t understand why the drinking age is not 24 or 25. It just does not make sense to me to make the drinking age, the age 3 years before your brain is fully developed. I understand that once you are 21, you are pretty much fully grown and usually ready for life on your own. But… “Alcohol use typically is initiated during adolescence, a period that coincides with critical structural and functional maturation of the brain.” (Silveri, Marisa M.) Lots of people think that once they turn 21, everything is fine for them to drink because they think that their brain is fully developed, when actually your brain is not fully developed until you are around 24-25. I think that the drinking age should change to be 24 or there should not be a drinking age at all. “Measurements Data from men and women in three age groups (18–34, 35–49, 50–65) showed the prevalence of drinkers, former drinkers, and lifetime abstainers; and the prevalence of high-frequency, high-volume, and heavy episodic drinking among current drinkers. Analyses examined gender ratios for prevalence rates and the direction of changes in prevalence rates across age groups.”(Wilsnack, Richard W.,Wilsnack, Sharon C.Kristjanson, Arlinda F.1Vogeltanz-Holm, Nancy D.,Gmel, Gerhard) This study shows that gender plays a factor and possibly the drinking age could be divided by gender.


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