Ever wondered what really causes eating disorders? The media, especially women’s magazines cause them. In the journal article “The Pursuit of Perfection: A Narrative Analysis of How Women’s Magazines Cover Eating Disorders” by Ronald Bishop the root of eating disorders is exposed.

In this article, Bishop reveals that many young women feel the pressure of being thin due to magazines that focus on dieting and losing weight (Bishop, 222). It’s not just affecting women, but young kids who are 9 and 10 years old (Bishop, 222). These kids feel as if they need to diet or lose weight because media makes them think that seeing bones is the only thing that is “pretty”. It’s said that “[…]nearly 80% of adolescent girls harbor negative feelings about their bodies; 75% say they feel fat, and 70% are dieting” (Bishop, 222).

Harrison and Cantor found that girls and women portray the same thinness-related behavior that they see in actresses in magazines and on TV shows (Bishop, 223). This constant battle women and girls are facing is what is causing women’s self confidence to go down and insecurities to rise. This is why Bishop encourages parents monitor what their children are exposed to (Bishop, 223). If women and girls can stop judging themselves based on media then they will be self-confident in their bodies and not feel as if they can’t ever be skinny enough.


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