In the academic article and study, “”From Animal House to Old School: A Multiple Mediation Analysis of the Association between College Drinking Movie Exposure and Freshman Drinking and Its Consequences,” written and composed by Timothy Osberg, Katherine Billingsley, and Maribeth Isana, they ask the question:  does “exposure to college drinking movies exerts indirect effects on freshman drinking”(Osberg, Billingsley,Isana, 922). They also believed exposure to college movies that glorified the drinking of alcohol would make even the nondrinking high school student create the idea that drinking is essential to the college experience.   

In order to test their ideas surrounding the relationship between college movies glorifying  drinking and freshman year alcohol consumption they came up with the hypothesis that “increased exposure to movies that glorify college drinking [would] impact…viewers’ beliefs about the role of alcohol in college life”(Osberg, Billingsley, Isana, 923). They conducted a study on 181 men and 298 women who were incoming freshman by showing them a range of movies from the classic Animal House to more recent ones such as Van Wilder. A month after viewing such movies the participants were given a questionnaire, and another a month later. Due to the mean results on both tests it was shown that exposure to such movies does have a correlation with freshman year drinking.

At the end of their almost semester-long study of about 479 college freshmen they proved their hypothesis.  In their conclusion they wrote, “exposure to movies glorifying the college drinking culture was found to have direct and indirect effects on the drinking behaviors of college freshmen”(Osberg, Billingsley, Isana, 930).