Although I spent most of my youth watching old Westerns on “my pick” family movie nights, more than any Dudley Doo Right antics, I thrived on the nights when my dad would secretly screen raunchy college flicks with me, something we would avidly deny if my mom or sister ever caught on. It was from these movies – this culture of endless parties, no responsibility, and hidden from my household authorities – after which I developed a vision of my own college years. Since my arrival on Colorado University of Boulder’s campus, I have realized that things aren’t as simple as Hollywood led me to believe. Sure the fraternity houses exist and time off seems endless, but the reality is that I am here to learn. No matter how much fun I am having, school will always come first and academics will forever be at the back of my mind. When I look forward to this oncoming year I don’t just see the fairytale painted for me by Hollywood executives; rather, I am learning that with perseverance and dedication I can still experience the college world I saw in films, as long as I give priority to the shots unseen.