As an 18 year old freshmen at CU Boulder, I can’t even imagine living without Facebook or any other social media website because I have grown up with it and it is part of my life. I don’t only use Facebook or twitter to just stalk on people, like the majority of people on there which is really wierd. I use Facebook/ Twitter as a contacting website. Sometimes in the summer I lose my phone for a couple of days, but then realize that I don’t even need it because I can just talk to everyone online. I am not saying that social media is a bad thing, all I’m saying is that people are getting too absorbed by information off of the internet, that they are forgetting to realize what is actually going on. Also this ties into the fact of who people try to be or represent themselves to be. By having a Facebook, you try to represent who you are by posting a profile picture, cover photo and your most recent posts. So you pretty much create a fake version of yourself to try to impress people. But who is to say that they have never done this in real life. I have a Facebook and Twitter account and this is what I have noticed happening the last five years of my life.