Cold air. Snow. Winter. Anything cold. This is all I desire. Why you may ask? I live in the Sahara Desert, that’s why.

Okay so maybe not exactly the Sahara Desert, although my dorm room sure does feel like it with the hot air and sweat that perspires down my face as I even attempt to do any task. The reason for these unbearable conditions is that my dorm, Cheyenne Arapaho, along with all of the rest of the dorms on main campus, has no air conditioning.

Yes, no air conditioning. Call me a princess, but I seriously think I may just die without it! Here, the heat and dryness are so unbearable that I am forced to take ice cold showers at least 4 times a day to even stay cool. Can you imagine how high the water bill must be? Good thing I’m not the one paying it!!

Another issue I have (and yes I have a lot and will complain to anyone willing to listen) is that minus sweating every second of the day, I cannot even sleep through the night. In my house back home, we always kept it cold, especially at night. Here it’s a sauna, even at night.  The heat is everywhere inside and out. You can’t run from it and you can’t hide from it! It’s inescapable!

This is exactly why I have never been so excited for snow and more importantly for the cold. I cannot wait to not feel as if I just worked out every second of the day because I am so sweaty all the time! So thank you Colorado for having winter and lots and lots of snow! Who knows I  may even do something crazy such as wear shorts during winter because I will appreciate the cold so much!