I honestly think, as far as terrible roommates go, I am the worst. I am truly baffled by how my roommate puts up with me. I can only imagine how he feels each night being woken up at 2am by the sound of me puttering around the room trying to work my Britta filter after a rough night on the hill. If one were to draw a line directly down the middle of my dorm they would see the right side perfectly clean with everything organized and put away in a orderly fashion. Then if they were to look  to the left, they would see something that slightly resembles a hoarder’s closetImage. Guess which side is mine?

Sometimes I get the motivation to clean up my mess, but then I get distracted by tickld, and the next thing I know two hours have past and I’m late for class. I can only imagine my roommate thinking that one day he will come into our room and see me perched up on his bed clipping my toe nails. Even with being the terrible roommate I am, I know one day I will clean my side of the room… When I move out.