I open my eyes to a blinding light. While rolling away from this beam, my eye lids shut, I curl into a ball and think to myself that I never want to leave my bed; which is a common thing for me to do almost every morning. But, my alarm keeps on ringing. I open my eyes again and notice that I am in a dorm room. This flashes me back to the last four years that I went to boarding school. Not even realizing yet that I am at Boulder and not even realizing anything at all, it hits me. I have just woken up to the first day of college. Seeming almost like a normal day for those 10 seconds, not even realizing that this is the start of a new chapter in my life. This is the time in my life to proceed on my own.

Being from the East Coast of Massachusetts, I have always freestyle skied and played baseball. I will hopefully continued both of these sports at CU Boulder in the club programs. I also enjoy skateboarding, longboarding and listening to music. The last four years I attended Proctor Academy, which is in Andover, New Hampshire.

There are two noticeable changes that I have noticed by moving from the East Coast to the West Coast: The Altitude difference and Dunkin Donuts. The First day I arrived in Colorado, I immediately could feel the altitude difference, which really affected the way that I would normally go about my day. This was really annoying because these first days were the days where I met everyone. And my stomach was feeling very tingly all the time. But I eventually, after about 4 days I got used to the change and adapted myself to my surroundings.  I have always thought that the entire United States of “America runs on Dunkin” ever since I was a youngin’. I guess not. Every morning before driving to cranes beach, (which is where I work in the summer) I would get my casual iced coffee regular and it would brighten up my day. Not to mention that I am a huge coffee drinker, but only in the morning.  But these two changes are very much worth sacrificing to be living and studying in Boulder, Colorado.