A fresh start where I know no one. Where every one has a clean slate to start new and re-invent themselves. This is college.

As I moved into the dorms, I realized too quickly that this wasn’t anything like home. I wasn’t in a private Catholic school anymore, where everyone believed in God and had the same morals I did. I was in a place where people believe a million different things and have different perspectives. Different perspectives are not a bad thing, but it is definitely hard adjusting to a city that is more liberal and less religious than where I grew up.

Going out in Boulder is probably one of the craziest experiences I have ever had. So many people choose to drink and smoke that are underage and will go along with whatever everyone else is doing. Not that drinking is a bad thing, but it is super important at least to me, that I am aware of my surroundings. This is as simple as never having a drink that you haven’t seen been poured or is sealed. You could be roofied. This is because the only person you have control over is you. You make your own choices.