One of my earliest memories I can think of Is from the late 90’s watching the CU CSU game with my family at my grandparents house, I remember not knowing what was going on in the game, but I still loved to cheer with my family. At one point during the game I turned to my father and said that I want to go there pointing at the TV, and he replied with, “One day you will.”

My whole life I have lived and gone to school in Boulder, before coming to this university I was a student as Fairview, but I have always known that one day I would go to CU. My grandfather was a professor of geology at this university until he retired. After he retired my uncle took over his position as one of the professors of geology. My parents met each other here while they were attending the university in the late 70’s.  If it were not for CU I would not be here today to write this exciting blog post.

I am currently a Freshman here majoring in geology. I’m the third generation of geologists to attend this school in my family. i have always known that geology was the path for me, but as I found out this past week, it is no easy road. I hope I can manage my work load this school year and not fall behind due to my classes being too hard.  Even though things look tough right now I’m excited to see what CU has in store for me.Image